The Best Antivirus VPNs in the World

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In today's world, there are plenty of cyberattacks happens every day destroying and stealing your valuable data on a greater scale. However, these attacks are prevented by using Anti-virus to a greater extent but it doesn't protect you 100%. 

Also, In various scenarios, Antivirus lacks in securing your data & privacy which 
compromise your overall protection So For Overall protection you need VPNs which encrypts your data & privacy 
So, for maximum protection, you need a combination of Antivirus with VPNs

Therefore in this article, I am Providing you 5 Best Antivirus VPN Which Provides Maximum Protection From Various Cyber Threats.  Now Let's Start The Chapter

5 Best Antivirus VPNs in 2020
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                                       5 Best Antivirus VPNs in the World

 A. NORTON(Norton Secure VPN)-  

One of the Best Antivirus of all time. A Multitalented Anti-virus which offers you great malware protection comes with various offers and subscriptions. You can purchase VPN services without buying an antivirus plan. The great X-factor of this Service provider is that it provides unlimited VPN bandwidth with its starting antivirus and VPN combo plan i.e Norton 360 Standard.


Norton VPN works on 5 Devices simultaneously, It provides70+ servers across 30 countries & Also Unblocks Netflix and BBC iPlayer, DNS Leak protection, 100%  no-logs policy, Bank-Grade Encryption, Average VPN speed (Not to fast)

Platforms- Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

(Credit: Norton)

B. AVIRA(Avira Phantom VPN)-

Avira is a German Cyber Security Company that Provides you Fast and Powerful Antivirus. Avira VPN comes with Various Plans including (Free and Premium). This Company takes $6.50/Month for its Premium Subscriptions(Avira Phantom VPN pro)


Avira Pro Plan can provide unlimited installations on various Devices, Phantom VPN Provides you 50+ Servers in 38 Countries, Free Plan Gives You 500 MB/Day, DNS Leak protection, Zero logs policy, Also Unblocks Streaming Services like Netflix but not BBC iPlayer,  Give better results in Torrenting, Average Download speed (Not to fast),  

Platforms- Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

(Credit: Avira)


Bitdefender is a Romanian Cyber Player which is known for its secure antivirus and fast VPN services. The VPN Service does not individually come it is Coupled with Antivirus Subscriptions. Total Security Subscription allows only 200 MB bandwidth You need to purchase a Premium VPN plan for unlimited Data Bandwidth.


Great Customer support, Fast Uploading, and Downloading speed, DNS Leak protection,  Zero-log policy, Powerful Encryption Unable to Unblock BBC iPlayer but It unblocks NetFlix, 

Platforms- Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

(Credit: BitDefender)

 D. MCAFEE(McAfee Safe Connect VPN)- 

Mcafee was founded in 1996  by John Mcafee Provides you one of the elite trusted cyber services. Mcafee Antivirus is good, secure & Trustable. Mcafee Safe VPN Offers Customer both Free & Paid Plan, Free plan gives each user 250 MB Data per month and the Paid one is affordable it cost around  $34.99/Year with 7 days Trial and 30 Days Money Back Guarantee Gives you Unlimted Data


High-speed VPN, 256Bit AES Bank-Grade Encryption, Runs on 5 Devices simultaneously,
Lacks Kill Switch Feature
Intrusive Logging Policy which raises Privacy leak, Unable to Unblock BBC iPlayer & NetFlix,

Platforms- Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

(Credit: Mcafee)

  E. AVG(AVG Secure VPN)-  

This Cyber Company comes From the land of the Czech Republic Which is Owned by Avast.  AVG provides Customers Free & Paid Antivirus and also it offers standalone VPN like Norton, Mcafee, Avira. AVG gives us a simple user-friendly, Efficient Antivirus. Users have to Pay $3.27 For basic VPN Subscription(30 Days Money-back Guarantee Policy). Here Payment is done through Credit Card & Paypal

Specs- IP, DNS, WebRTC Leak Protection, Simple UI,  256bit AES Encryption, Supports 5  Devices Maximum, Only Unblocks Netflix Not(BBC player, Hulu, Amazon Prime), Poor Customer Supports, Keeps Logs(Tracks User Activities), No Kill Switch 

Platforms- Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

(Credit: AVG)


Apart, from above-mentioned Antivirus VPNs, you can also try these ones 


In this post, I’ve rounded up 5 Best of the Best Antivirus VPN you should try in 2020.  All Have Great Features, Specs, and Performance. 

In My Perceptions Nord VPN & Avira are Ahead of BitDefender, Mcafee, & AVG in Multiple Fields but There is  Always Something Special in Every product. So Go & Try Products

Hope this list was helpful and understandable to you
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