Easiest Way to earn real Bitcoins


In this Article If I say that you can easily earn Bitcoin Currencies by Playing games, Watching, Ads, Doing Various tasks, filling Surveys, installing apps and sharing Affiliation links from various mobile apps then, In my opinion, you will become happy and comes in action for earning Bitcoins.

For earning bitcoins you must have a basic knowledge of bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies First of all we have to understand what is Cryptocurrencies? then Bitcoin Basics Simply, Cryptocurrencies are virtual and digital world currencies that used strong Cryptography For Doing web Based medium of exchanges and Transactions. And Bitcoin is such a type of Virtual world Currency Which was introduces by Anonymous Japanese Satoshi Nakamoto in 2o09. Bitcoin is known as "a peer to peer Decentralised Digital Currencies" which is secure, Highly encrypted Used for transferring funds from one place to another without the need of Intermediaries.

Now Lots of questions comes in peoples mind related to bitcoins like

  • Is Bitcoin is illegal?
  • Is bitcoin is insecure?
  • is Bitcoin trading is risky?
  • Is bitcoin is garbage?
Here I Tell you the efficient answer about these questions:

First of all, Bitcoin trading has no central administrator instead of it has a Decentralised administrator means that no central person and organization controls bitcoin. Illegality depends on Government and bank protocols, In many countries government, bans Bitcoin trading but people still use bitcoin because they thought there is no central owner of bitcoin, and the government does not own it so why we can not use it. Various people agree to trade with bitcoin.

Now comes to Security Bitcoin is Very strong cryptocurrencies that use powerful cryptography algorithms and encryption which are difficult to crack. But in the digital era, nothing is safe on the internet

In my thoughts, Bitcoin Trading is similar to Stock market trading In stock trading, you buys and sells various shares and do trading similarly in Bitcoin trading you buys and sells various CryptoCurrencies to do trading. Risk Factor depend on overall market performance and your Trading knowledge.

Bitcoin is not garbage it is future of and present of Digital world Trading

Now We know the basics and queries related to Cryptocurrencies So let's move to our Main Subject to how to earn bitcoin easily

Here is the list of apps from where you can earn 100% genuine and real bitcoins:

Easiest way to earn bitcoin

        7 Free apps for earning Real Bitcoins     
 Background Source- Pixabay

Like Cash earning apps gives money withdrawal process is done through Paytm and Mobikwik wallet here Coinbase and Coinomi wallet is required to withdraw bitcoin payout

(A).Free bitcoin cash-  

An Arcade game Developed by Bitcoin Aliens Offering you to earn Satoshi Every hour. Sign up through Download link and register yourself                                                           

Earning Satoshi is easy in this app you have to Just play this easy game and watch Various ads.

Every Tuesday you got Minimum Payout (Min 10,000 BCH)
Use Coinomi Wallet address to receive Bitcoin Cash(Satoshi)                                     Download

On referring to new users you got 10% off everything user earns in this app

(B).Bitcoin blast

A Puzzle and Candy Crush type Game Publish By Loaded Earns 4.5 Rating From Users in Play Store.

About 25k Users Download This Bitcoin Earning app. 
Earn Loyalty Points by playing this wonderful game and Watching ads and this Point converts into Bitcoin.

Sign up, and register yourself in this app                                                                          Download

Coinbase Wallet Address is required for Withdrawing bitcoin

(C).Storm Play- 

 StormX™ Global SEZC, Inc. is the owner of this app. This apps has 4.3 User Rating.

 Earn Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or Storm Token (STORM) From this app By doing Various tasks,     filling Surveys, Installing apps, watching ads, and much more. Just Enter your Credentials and Register yourself By Verifying your Email Address and Earn Various CryptoCurrencies.

- Jaxx wallet is used for Withdrawing Storm
- Coinbases or Xapo account Is used for withdrawing Bitcoin & Ethereum

  Referral Code-  SZNFS436                                                                                         

(D). Alien Run-  

It is an Adventurous running game from the Kingdom of Bitcoin Aliens.

Gain Free Bitcoins By playing the amazing running game daily
Daniel D'Alien is the main character in this game, complete daily missions and hundreds of levels to earn bitcoin.

Sign up and Register yourself to play game                                                                      Download

Coinbase wallet address is required to withdraw bitcoin
Refer Friends and earn up to 500 Satoshi

(E). Free Bitcoin-   

This is the highest paying Bitcoin app By the Makers (Bitcoin Aliens) Downloaded by more than 50k users in the play Store.

This is a Simulation game. Play games and watch ads to gain Bitcoins.
Enter your Credentials and Coinbase Email Address to withdraw Bitcoins              Download

Refer friends and earn 10% of Commission from all of there downloading and playing

(F). CryptoPop-

This game is inspired by Candy Crush

Gain Etherum and Popcoin by playing this game
Ads are Compatible with game                                                                                            Download

Just Enter your Coinbase Wallet address to withdraw Etherum and For Popcoin enter Metamask, MEW (MyEtherWallet), Coinomi wallet Address
You can earn more bitcoin by your Affiliation link

(G). CryptoWord-

Developed by Vweeter Limited

4+ rating and 3k Downloads in Play store

A puzzle game in which you have to match Meaningful words

Just Sign up and play this interesting game                                                                     Download
For Withdrawal Coinbase id is required

Invite friends to earn more bitcoins

Bonus Advice: 

Apart from apps, you can earn bitcoins by following methods:


By playing games, watching and Clicking ads, completing tasks and Surveys, solving puzzles, installing apps, referring Affiliation links in Various Websites like BTC Clicks, Free bitcoin, Scarlet Clicks, etc

Investing and Trading:

You can earn bitcoin by doing Trading and investing in various Cryptocurrencies by using apps and websites like Coinbase, Binance, Coinmama, Zebpay, WazirX, Bitpay, and much more.


You can also earn Bitcoin by Bitcoin Minning
Become a member of the bitcoin network and provides your CPU, memory, and internet Data for bitcoin mining. you can earn lots of commission by this method but Bitcoin mining requires fast CPU And the continuous supply of electricity

Bitter.io for Chrome extension is a great option for mining bitcoins

Credits- Pixabay

Wrapping Up-

Bitcoin Value and Cryptocurrencies value is Increasing Day by Day so many of you searching to Earn Free Bitcoins then this blog is for You
Above all are 7 free Elite apps That help you to earn the Mighty Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash(BCH), Satoshi, Bolts, Popcoin, and much more.

Hope this list was helpful and comprehensive to you

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